How to Hyperframe

We worked hard to make installation a no-brainer.

Just strap into the Trimble XR10, a mixed reality hard hat.

First, pull a piece from the top of your factory-packaged kit.

Glance at the factory-labeled QR code to scan the part.

And follow the visual prompts to snap it into place.

That’s how you Hyperframe.

Hyperframe is seamlessly integrated from pre-construction through installation.

01 BIM

Hyperframe software develops your BIM to LOD 400 and converts it into a manufacturing order ready for your PO. No more on-site takeoff.

02 Manufacture

Hyperframe builds and batches your order into kits, which are delivered to corresponding zones on your job site. Kits are packaged last-in, first-out, so the part you need next is always on top.

03 Layout

Using a total station, install BIM Locker™ fasteners to your decks at each wall location. These are the mounting points for your tracks. Goodbye chalk line layout.

04 Scan

Using the Hyperlens™ app on Trimble XR10, scan a part off the top of your framing kit. Follow the visual prompts to the installation location.

05 Install

Snap the component into place. No measuring, no cutting, no screwing. You’re ready to install the next piece.



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