Meet Hyperframe, the steel framing system that snaps together.

Faster, safer easier steel framing is as simple as...




We reimagined steel framing from the ground up.

You don’t get 15x faster installation by making minor tweaks. We’ve re-engineered every element of steel framing for speed, safety, and quality.

Our software transforms your BIM into a detailed manufacturing order ready for your PO. Then we build and batch your framing into kits, which are delivered to corresponding zones on your job site. Each piece snaps into place.

No tools or training needed. And that's just the beginning.

Hyperframe is up to 15x faster than traditional framing

Drag to snap

No measuring, marking, cutting, screwing or squaring up.

With Hyperframe’s pre-mounted snap connectors, production speed, build quality, and workplace safety are built into the materials.

Drag to snap

Time is money. It’s a lot of other things, too.

Hyperframe’s precision-engineered, BIM-modeled components not only amplify the power of your crew, they ensure plans are built as spec'd and budgets and schedules met as promised.

There's a lot to love about Hyperframe.






Cleaner &Quieter


Compliant to its core

Not just the fastest steel framing system, but safe and sturdy too.

Structural Rating

ICC-ES Report Pending

Fire Rating

UL Classified (R40847)

Acoustic Rating

STC Tested (22 wall designs)


But don’t take our word for it.

Utilizes the full potential of what BIM can provide.

Bobby Stiles, CEO

Preconstruction With Stiles

Hyperframe will improve the safety of our crew.

Rick Marshall, President

Brady SoCal, Inc.

Enables faster project completion at a reduced cost.

Patrick Kennedy, Owner

Panoramic Interests

I believe it will be readily and widely adopted.

Tom Castle, S.E.

Ficcadenti Waggoner & Castle

The most premium framing is the least expensive to install. How did we do that?

Your bid is dominated by labor. Hyperframe helps your labor work smarter. With every dollar spent on Hyperframe, you eliminate more measuring, cutting, screwing, and scrap.


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